Hitachi VRF Systems Set Free Sigma Launch

HITACHI Air Conditioning Products Europe (HAPE) launched the New SIGMA VRF Outdoor Units in March 2018. SIGMA is considered a New Chapter in VRF History with many innovative features such as:

  • Single Module up to 24 HP.
  • 3-Pipe System in Standard.
  • New DC Inverter Scroll Compressor providing higher performance at low load operation, precise control of 0,1 Hz increments inverter frequency with expanded working range down to 10% of maximum capacity, and more energy saving allowed by removing compressor switching ON/OFF at low load operation.
  • New Heat Exchanger with SIGMA (Ʃ) Shape increasing the heat exchange area by more than 10%, and consisting of a 3 row coil with internal thread piping for better heat transfer.
  • Improvement of the static pressure (up to 80 Pa) in addition to an increase in the outlet air flow.


For more info about Hitachi Sigma VRF, please do not hesitate to contact us.